Testimonials from Clinic Participants
Clinic #1-March 20, 2021 

"....this is the first time it all made sense."

"...I knew about acknowledging your horse's "feelings" (awareness) but didn't know how to put it into practice until the clinic..."

"Yesterday I spent about 30 minutes with the groundwork before riding--amazing difference in our pre-ride relationship; worth the time and effort."

Testimonial from a private lesson client:

Marybeth L

May 5, 2021

We love our horses!  Bonding with them is a vital need in order to truly understand them and know they love being with us.  I have an OTTB who was mistrusting and anxious.  This blocked the desire to be close to me which was so important for my psyche as well.  I happened upon a video of Ponti Kriti and immediately felt a connection with her and her methods...

Ponti showed me how to maneuver my horse around the arena where my mare felt engaged, safe and free to think about her actions.  It was enlightening to use Ponti’s methods and see them work and develop on my own time with my mare.  We have bonded in a way I never imagined would develop.  My horse looks to me for affection and direction.  She now craves my attention and is moving in a positive light.  This will translate into anything I want to do with her.


If you want to truly get to know your horse and be able to develop these methods on your own look to Ponti Kriti for the best direction you can ever acquire.

Testimonials from Clinic Participants
Clinic #2-April 17, 2021 

"...I feel I can really 'read' my horse, her feelings, moods..."

"I am seeing results every day!"

"There was helpful refinement on the timing of release of the 'ask'."


"I have noticed a difference in our relationship after the 1st clinic a few weeks ago."

From Great and Small Therapeutic Riding Organization 
April 2021

I was called in to offer my take on a troubled new mare...and graciously thanked for it!

greatandsmalltestimonialapril 2021.jpg


Testimonials from Marianna Grammatikaki, Director and Owner of the Cretan Riding Academy, Heraklion, Crete, Greece