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Holding Txoko

As promised, here goes my clip of me applying techniques learned from Anne-Sophie Sherman’s bodywork and Sharon Wilsie’s books and webinar on Horse Speak on help him release body and mental tension...

The video at the end of this post is a doozy: almost 4 minutes, but oh so worth it!!! Lots of good stuff here to watch, observe, analyze...

I had finished bodywork and stretching with him and was mostly waiting for him to release held up tension (he is not yet enjoying the body work; he gets very offended, actually, even when good practitioners like Anne-Sophie are working on him!)...

I was finishing up some massage up on his hip and he didn't like it.

I decided to test out the Hold Hand on the Hip Button (Sharon Wilsie: Horse Speak)...basically this spot, if "held" can tell the horse "I got your back." I decided to go here for Txoko because, when I was near his head, he was trying to sneak in a release "away" from me by turning his neck away from where I could see his face. Also, he was quite distracted by work going on in the distance, and I wanted him to know I was protecting him (See my videos 1 and 2 in Facebook: Ponti Kriti for Wednesday, February 20 where I show him I was aware of it with Sentry breath and pointing).

I think I made the right choice! The releases come and come, and they are BIG!

His right eye seems to gain a new eyelid! It doesn't even look like him! Fascinating! (see, this is stuff I would never know if I weren't videotaping our sessions!)...

After a while, I sniff his hip to say "Are you ok?"...he seems to like it, and releases again.

When I come up to his mid-neck button to sniff to say "Can we be friends?" His answer is a resounding "NO!!!"

I tell him not to be mean, and try again, but he repeats, "I said, NO! I am still offended by the bodywork and need my space!"

I give it to him, and he cutely goes away, faces me as if to say "don't take this personally, I just need to do this alone" and continues to release as I watch from afar...

And then....wait 'til you see what happens after this (I will post it as “Txoko Forgives Me”)!

Happy weekend...May it be filled with lots of yawns, licks, chews, and aaaaaahhh... or  @ Ponti Kriti (Facebook/Instagram)