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Horse Medicine? The Best Medicine

This month I was kept from even being able to see my horses up close for more than three weeks from bronchitis/sinusitis that had me very weak and unable to stand, walk, or talk for more than a handful of minutes at a time. When my lungs began to recover in week three, I found the strength to go out one afternoon to play with my horses. I felt they held the key to fomenting my full recovery. I was right. It was after this day that my mind, body, and soul began to truly heal. And thank goodness for that.

As you can tell in this clip, it was not about doing anything technically well. I just wanted to re-establish contact and see how connected they could be to me and to the ideas I was offering.

I found it so cute that they were practically falling over each other to get to me, Maia wanting to attack Patxi to have me all to herself... (Yeah, I can hear you thinking "It was because Maia just didn't want him that close to her," or "They were honing in on you because you had the treats." Maybe. But, maybe not--😊.)

Either way, what matters is that all three of us felt better after some light connection, communion, and fun. I think, too, that they were relieved to see that I hadn't disappeared forever. (Me, too.🙄)

Happy weekend to all.

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