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Playing? Hmmm...

Play? Or not so playful?

This clip is really cool to observe horse behavior. What at first glance may seem like "play" becomes not so cute when we don't just look, but actually see what is going on.

Txoko the Appy is not being playful (even though he is cute); he is challenging Patxi the Paint's leadership and not allowing him near me! Of course, once we got to work, all that behavior disappeared, but I'm so glad I caught it on camera for me to see later!

This clip brought home to me the idea that many times we look, but don't really see; we hear, but don't really listen.

I'm glad I video my work and spend the time to sift through it in the comfort of my home office. It's amazing what I would have missed out on had I not recorded my session--there is so much I can't catch when working of my horse's reactions to me, or even my own reactions/movements, but, also, many times the camera is able to see action that happens while I am setting up (like this clip) or that is happening far away from me! Oh! There is so much information to be digested and learned from!

The information I glean from my videos allows me to then go to our next session with new insight as to what is going on with each member of my herd, what I need to improve on in my own behavior, movements, and attitudes, and new ways I can help each of my horses feel better after a session with me.

My horses sure make me feel better by just existing in the world with me, so why not give that feeling back? 😊

Thanks for reading...

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