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Teamwork is Fun

I've always loved being involved in team sports. I found it brought out the best in me, to know that others depended on my attitude, preparation, and performance to make the entire team function well.

Taking it further, being a good team member has been an ingrained way of operating that happens to have made everything in my life just that much better when done well, be it when applied to my sports teams, to my family and marriage, and at work...

It is so much a part of my sub-conscious, that I didn't really realize that I've always expected my horses to be good members of my team, be it when we are one on one, or all together with the entire herd. I always hold them responsible for their parts in helping our routine and non-routine events go smoothly. I think this attitude of mine, even if not always consciously applied, is what has made them such good individual horses!

Here, in this clip, we have finished a ride where I was ponying Txoko and Maia off of Patxi. I decided to ask the three of them to complete one more teamwork exercise--that of walking together towards me at liberty--to hone even more their ability to work and think like a team. It's very cute to watch such disparate personalities and ways of being, come together to heed my call for teamwork!

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