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Healing via
the Hyoid

My Horse Search and Ancient Greek History


Yoga for Horses

Already feeling the benefit from following Visconte Cocozza's expertise!

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Maia, Wiggling Queen No More!

Her transformation has been incredible to witness and to contribute to!

maia and the pool
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Grief, Great Friday, and...

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Intrinzen--Through my Lens

A fascinating, complex course may be just what the vet ordered for my horses!

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The Ugly, The Bad, and...The GOOD!

Context is key to knowing how to judge...

Maia and Me
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"Yes" should feel better than "No"

How can your horse know how good "yes" can feel if that's the only answer they can ever give you?

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Re-Setting Txikis

Or, if you're a computer geek: Rebooting Txikis!

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What does the flag mean?

well, that depends...

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All Fun Times

Interacting should be fun, no? But there are some deep, life-changing concepts embedded within the fun times...

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Greek Mothering

What does it have to do with horsemanship?

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Playing? Or not?

Sometimes looking is not seeing. Hearing is not listening.

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Building a Common Language

Groundwork lays the foundation for us to build a common language together.

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A Substantive Speck in the Distance

What seems like a small achievement took a lot to make it come to fruition safely and joyfully!

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In-Hand Work with Patrick King

New tools to help us grow as a herd

This is just the beginning of a wonderful new foray into balance, stretching, relaxation, and feel-good movements

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Is Horse Training a Sisyphean Task?

Horses by nature will always feel anxiety in some shape or form. It's our job to help them roll it up the mountain every time it appears!

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Teaching the Spin at Liberty

Who is Teaching Who?

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Epic Disaster at an Obstacle Course

Or "Just another day with horses"

Patxi, poor guy, found himself at the center of a storm of terror because of one false step or two. Thank goodness, all ended well...

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Magical Moments

Txoko looks inside my soul and offers up what I was hoping for

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Horses and Baby Pools

Should they coexist?

Oh! The things I ask my horses to do!

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Training for Teamwork

My herd and I, becoming great teamplayers!

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Olimpia and

the Greece!

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Discomfort Zone: The Place to Be

A new saddle? Crazy weather? Rabid dogs? I train for confidence no matter what discomfort comes our way...

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Giving Thanks for Patxi

My heart fills with gratitude just thinking about this lovely teddy bear of a horse!

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Finding your "Inner Zero"

A breakthrough thanks to Sharon Wilsie

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Tzeri -- The Big Little Stallion

Transforming Tzeri into an engaged partner was transformational! See why...

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Connecting the Dots on the Island of Crete

I get to glean big insights, all because of three horses, two of which are miniatures. And stallions to boot!

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Slow Work Is not Slow Going

All great horsepeople have said this one way or another: "If you want to get there faster, do so slower." Here's how that has panned out for me...

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Reporting from Road to the Horse 2018: Day One


Reporting from Road to the Horse 2018: Day Two


Reporting from Road to the Horse 2018: Day Three

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Bend it like Patrick

Patrick King taught me an amazing exercise that has transformed my horses and our relationship!

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Baking with Horses

""Master Chef" Warwick Schiller has made me a much better baker because of his recipes and his explanation of how to prepare the ingredients!

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What is Stickiness? Should you Fear It?


17 Hours A Day

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Relaxing Work: An Oxymoron or Pure Unadulterated Genius?

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Playing Catch Up


Stepping Out of and Enl(ah)rging Your Comfort Zone


Misbehaved? Or Misunderstood?

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Mares vs Geldings -- Apples vs Oranges?


Herd Leadership -- Part I

2017-04-04 (2).png

Herd Leadership -- Part II

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Horse Whispering in New Hampshire


Ignorance is...


Ode to Txiki and the Joy She Brings to My Life

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Why Me?

Written Musings: Welcome

Part I of My Odyssey to Become a Horseback Rider


Part II of My Odyssey to Become a Horseback Rider


Part III of My Odyssey to Become a Horseback Rider

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Part IV of My Odyssey to Become a Horseback RideV


Part V of My Odyssey to Become a Horseback Rider


Part VI of My Odyssey to Become a Horseback Rider

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