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Teaching the Spin--who is teaching who?

If you've been following my journey with my herd of three horses, you will have figured out by now who the real brains of the operation is. Yes. Maia.

Maia is, of course a mare, which gives her a biological advantage over the other non-female members of her species. What I didn't quite understand as deeply is that it also gives her that same advantage over humans like me!

Here is a clip to showcase my point. I had saddled Maia up and, when asking her to move around me I noticed she was leaning towards a pole on the ground. I moved closer and she offered up a sidepass over it without my doing a thing!

It really felt like she was telling me, "Ponti, I'm ready to try some new stuff with you. Are you ready?"

My answer was, "Yes, indeedy, do!" And, because I had been watching some very good work done by Mirka Crew and Craig Moore, Mustang Maddy, and Luke Gingerich, I thought, we could try to do a spin at liberty. The idea would be that she would face me, and then do a 360 degree turn in place. Easy, right?

Well, it is when Maia is the one teaching it.

No, that was not a writing mistake. No need to edit. I meant what I said. Maia. Was. Teaching. Me.

This is why every herd should have a mare. I know I am grateful for mine! Enjoy.

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