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All Fun Times

I present to you a joyous clip of a spontaneous liberty session with my horses back in November (scroll down to see clip at the end of this post!). It is fun to watch, for sure, but it actually is quite deep if you look closer.

I'd say this clip pretty well covers the way I see "working" with horses and combines all that I instinctively understand and concepts and tools I've learned from a variety of brilliant mentors.

I apply these concepts and tools to achieve several goals, which are, for me, the reason why I work with horses in the first place...

For me, being in the presence of and working with horses is an opportunity to: --connect, --see how we feel that day, physically and emotionally, --build stronger lines of communication, --be present, --get to know each other better, --play, --feel engaged, --laugh, --be confidently vulnerable, --improve muscle quality and balance, --focus, --be inspired, --let go, --get better at handling pressure, --know how to be still, --learn new things, --build rapport, --release pent up tension in the body, --move, --become more open and willing, --know how to lead and know when to follow, and --make each other feel better at the end than when we started.

Notice that all these goals apply to both the human and the horse!

(And could be applied to all human relationships...I know I strive to apply them so!)

At the end of our session where I disappear, it's because I've run to the gate to let them out into the pasture. There was no need to continue doing more--we hit a lot of the key points mentioned above, and I love to leave my horses "wanting more time with me" rather than leave them sick of me and sour.

So, the gate was opened to let my horses go and do what they love most---be horses among horses!

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